Retail Packaging Design

Retail Packaging Design

This packaging was for a new high-end LED light kit for photography studios. This particular packaging was a sleeve that would slide over the shipping carton instead of a full enclosed box. This allows for easier preparation when manufacturing and packing, and also was a significant savings in printing costs. I shot all photos for this packaging, and special emphasis was placed on simplicity, and cleanliness of the design to ensure it as retail-friendly as possible. Nice packaging = higher perceived value in most consumers minds. To my knowledge, this kit has been selling very well all over the country. I like to think some of that has to do with my packaging :)

Retail Product Packaging Design

This is the flattened graphics showing all sides. Since this was a sleeve, rather than an enclosed box, there were no ends to design or print.LED-Kit-pallet

There is nothing more satisfying than seeing an entire pallet of products with packaging you designed, on it’s way to retail shelves all over the country.